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19th Street monrovia Liberia


Lila Brown was established in 2012. It’s a small local business that highlights the service industry and is trying to bring a taste of Liberian culture into the professional work place. Its run by Liberians and targeting the young Liberians in many ways from work to training and even mentor ship events and culture exposures. The venue is currently on 19ths Street but was once at mamba point, UN drive. Since 2012 the place has been trying to connect with its surrounding community and branching into multiple aspects of Liberia from farming to community gatherings and entrepreneurial events. With a natural ambiance Lila's services range from dining to buffets events and external catering services. (Weddings/ private parties.....).

Lila also has a movable bar with a team ready for all kinds of requirements from NGOs to private clients. As a business Lila has been strong and flexible with the working environment of the country, allowing the staff to gain more experience in adapting and managing on different scales and levels. We are proud to be one of the establishments that have management as part owners of the company and empowering decision making directed by individuals towards a common goal. We will always look forward to having work that challenges us to be better at what we do and move forward on a daily basis no matter how the pace goes with future projects already in the making. We are very grateful to the community it has entangled itself in which is always directed towards positivity and pride. The future is ahead of us and we are keen to achieve our goals for Liberia and Liberians

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